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Why not join the GLF by affiliation and make a real difference, be part of the solution.

Affiliation with the Greater London Forum for Older People can empower individuals and organisations to play an active role in shaping policies and practices that promote the dignity, rights, and well-being of older people in the Greater London area. Share ideas and develop ways to strengthen your organisation.

  • Affiliation with GLF amplifies the visibility and influence of individuals and organisations, fostering greater impact on issues concerning older adults.

  • We offer resources and information on issues affecting older adults in London, enabling informed advocacy and decision-making. We engage with national, regional, and local governments, as well as pan-London organisations, to influence policy decisions affecting the well-being of older people

  • We empower older people to voice concerns and influence policies. Additionally, we facilitate connections between organisations and local groups in their communities to share and learn about activities supporting older people.


For further information and to sign up please contact Zara on or call her on 07443647222


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