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Our Campaigns

The GLF develops a  range of campaigns and collaborates closely with Age UK London to amplify issues relevant to older people across the London region

Age Friendly Community

The GLF campaign to bring Age Friendly Community to the heart of London is now underway.  We believe the World Health Organisations’ Age-Friendly Community Framework serves as a guiding blueprint for governments, organizations, and communities London-wide to create inclusive and age-friendly environments, enabling older adults to lead fulfilling lives, maintain their independence, and actively contribute to their communities.  We are working with our forums and groups across the London region to encourage local authorities to start the process of becoming an Age Friendly Community. 

Bridging the Digital Divide: Empowering Older people in Our Democracy

Every individual deserves equal access to information and participation. Yet, the digital age has left many older individuals behind, unable to access vital resources and engage fully in democratic processes. It's time to bridge the digital divide and ensure that no one is left behind. Bridging this gap isn't just about access to information—it's about upholding the principles of inclusion. By joining our campaign, you can be a catalyst for positive change in our community. Together, let's ensure that every voice is heard and every older person can fully participate in activities of their choice

Health Inequalities

The EDI strategy for 2022, endorsed by NHS England, emphasizes actions to address mental health, physical health, and housing inequalities in London. Key initiatives include: providing comprehensive information on mental health services accessible in all GP surgeries and public spaces; supporting mental health services in multiple languages and formats; delivering cultural awareness training and support for professionals working with BAME communities; launching awareness campaigns in collaboration with organizations like MIND; making primary healthcare more accessible, particularly for digitally excluded individuals; addressing housing inequalities through policy inclusion and fair access to quality housing for BAME communities; establishing support systems and accessible information schemes; and collaborating with local authorities and communities to improve living conditions in deprived areas. Throughout, there's a strong emphasis on language accessibility and cultural sensitivity in service provision.

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