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Greater London Forum

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The Greater London Forum for Older People (GLF) collaborates with active Forums and Groups across the London region, collectively advocating for change on national, regional, and local levels.

The GLF plays a crucial role in supporting and empowering these volunteer-led Forums and Groups, serving as the voice of older Londoners. Our activities encompass capacity building, organising conferences, running campaigns, engaging with and monitoring local decision-making processes, as well as contributing to local, regional, and national strategic policies and procedures.

Established as a charity in 1988, the Greater London Forum for Older People operates as a voluntary organisation and serves as the overarching body for Forums and Groups representing older individuals throughout the London region. We stand as a powerful advocate for grassroots older Londoners.



Harry Kay and Jack Jones, pictured on the right, established the Greater London Forum for the Elderly (GLF) in 1987. This initiative evolved from a GLC Forum for the Elderly, led by Harry Kay.

Carlie Newman assumed the role of its inaugural Director, and operations officially commenced in 1988. With Harry Kay holding a council position, as well as being the Vice-Chairman of the GLC, the GLF secured support from Barking and Dagenham council and established rent-free premises.

The primary objective was to create an organization that would serve as a parliamentary voice for pensioners, addressing the specific needs of local elderly citizens and giving them a platform to voice their concerns. Initially, the GLF began with just 6 local borough Forums, eventually expanding to include 33 boroughs with various Forums or umbrella organizations in membership.


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At its inception, the GLF had a half-time coordinator and a part-time secretary with funding for only five months. Over time, it evolved into a charitable organisation with long-term funding and additional administrative support. The team grew to include four Forum Development Officers and a half-time Administrator.

Throughout its history, the GLF secured grants for several projects, including the Rowntree project, which aimed to amplify the older person's voice in community care, training advocates to assist frail elderly individuals with community care assessments, and the Millennium Festival project, which culminated in a grand Seniors London Parliament. Additionally, the establishment of a Pensioners' Centre (now defunct) provided both a home for the GLF in central London and facilitated the creation of a professional body. An active black and minority elders' working group was also established.

The GLF prioritised member training over the years. Carlie Newman retired in 2002 after serving the GLF for 14 years, and Lynn Strother succeeded her as the new director.

River Thames, London


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The Greater London Forum for Older People offers support to Forums and Groups, providing guidance on governance, marketing, advocacy with local Councils, NHS, MPs, and statutory bodies, fundraising, and member recruitment.


Local borough Forums, comprising individuals and representatives from organizations dedicated to older people, aim to represent their perspectives and concerns to local authorities, MPs, GLA members, Councillors, and agencies. They advocate for national and regional issues impacting older individuals and engage residents in strategic frameworks and policies, maintaining their Executive or Management Committee for policy shaping and event organisation. Their main focus is to maintain the well-being of their members through a variety of activities to keep them fit and well.


If you would like further information about any of the Forums and Groups:  Zara Ghods: or M:07443647222


Address: 12 Cyril Mansions, Prince of Wales Drive, SW11 4HR


Phone: :  0207 622 0485



The Greater London Forum for Older People

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